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I know that 'looking at the big picture' is something of a cliché these days, but nonetheless there are many aspects of what people take for granted as being 'normal' that really get me agitated.

Like the misuse of the word 'organic', which currently is taken by most people to describe food that is produced without the use of chemicals. When in fact the word organic describes all things that are not in-organic. A new word is required for food produced without chemicals. See my full article on this here.

Now take the word unnatural. What in the world does that mean? I know what you probably think it means, but take a step back, take a hypermacro view and the word becomes meaningless. It's use is always 'relative' to the rules, regulations, laws etc. laid down by human beings based on each societies current beliefs.

There have been times in the past when almost every act considered by any society as being unnatural was in fact considered by another society somewhere, sometime to be perfectly natural.

Human beings create laws from time to time to inhibit nature, for reasons that are sometimes the whim of politicians who ignoring the will of nature corrupt the natural order of things to suit their own blinkered beliefs. Even in one generation, what was once considered to be unnatural can be legislated to be natural again.

So let's get back to the word unnatural.

In fact, in my opinion and in the eyes of Nature there is absolutely nothing human beings, or any other life form for that matter, can do that is unnatural. Whatever 'living things' do is a natural consequence of what and who they are as determined by nature. Nature never makes mistakes it merely establishes the current 'moment' based on every natural occurrence that has ever taken place, has no time whatsoever to savor the current moment and then just moves on to the next logical moment, taking for granted at each step the current logical state of the universe.

Cliff Fraser