Being Human

I have to say that I'm becoming more ashamed by the day of being 'human'.

I do however accept that human beings can't really help being what they are, often despicable, self appointed 'super beings' that think they are the ultimate life form, not only on this planet, but in the universe. Created in the image of equally pernicious gods [or Gods] that direct them in the guise of a thousand religions to kill, maim, swindle, rob, rape, become bankers and generally cause harm to each other and every other living thing within reach.

To even begin to imagine we are any different from the animals we share this planet with is objectionable. The only thing that's different between us and every other animal is that we have more intelligence, that's all. In all other respects we are the same, we breathe, we see, we smell, we eat, we defecate, we sleep, we even procreate in more or less the same way.

Our curiously desperate search for life elsewhere in the universe is merely our frantic desire to extend the reach of our morbid lust for other life forms to exploit, dominate and kill.

That we are a product of nature is a matter of fact, as is the fact that nature doesn't always get it right.

Maybe next time.

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