Name: Burma Girl
Material: Black Marble
Block: River Pebble
Origin: Yatagan, Turkey
Weight [Kg]: 00.0
Dimensions [Cm]: H:20 W:17 L:20
Inception Date: 2007 August
01 Burma Girl

It all started from here in August 2007. In need of something to act as a head-rest for my headphones I decided to slice the bottom off a large pebble that is part of a collection in our village garden. It was something of a surprise to find that the pebble was in fact made of marble.

My marble headphone stand did the job perfectly, so I decided to make another for my office desk.

Selecting a suitable pebble from my collection I again sliced of the bottom to find that is was black marble. Having seen many imaginary faces on my original pebble headphone stand (depending on the angle of the light), I thought a little modification to the black marble pebble would make it look a little more like a head.

What appeared was the piece I call Burma Girl, I had no preconceived idea about what I wanted it to look like, she just appeared.

So where did these marble pebbles come from? Well that's another story which deserves another page


Burma Girl - A marble sculpture by Cliff FraserBurma Girl - A marble sculpture by Cliff Fraser

Burma Girl - A marble sculpture by Cliff FraserBurma Girl - A marble sculpture by Cliff Fraser

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